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Over the the next few days you will see some big changes in our system.

We are upgrading our services to provide you with a better, faster and more enjoyable experience with us.

Unfortunately, this change in hardware as well as software, does not allow for us to import your accounts or settings.

We suggest that you log into our new service as soon as possible and setup a new account.

To access the new account, please visit or

You will then be able to transfer any and all settings to the new service before we discontinue the old service.

You should setup your account prior to June 21st.

As of June 21st all email will be delivered through our new server and the old server will cease to function. You will still be able to access your old mail until July 8th.

Please send questions & comments to


Thank you for your patience in this transition, we are sure you will find our new service to your liking.