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Gilford Graphics was the original firm, founded in 1972 by Walter Earle, in Ocean County, NJ at the world famous Jersey Shore. He was joined in 1974 by his brother Richard from New York City. It wasn't long before a small Print Shop became the first significant Advertising Agency to emerge in the 1970's.

Gilford's history of automotive began in 1976 with the account of Roaring 20's Auto Museum, owned by Kendall Oil's own Jack Wishnick. The first ads appeared in New Jersey Monthly and ran until the museum was closed, not for lack of success, but a family business move.

1976 saw Gilford begin a 10 year relationship with Pine Belt Chevrolet, a Chevrolet dealer since 1937 in Ocean County. Gilford introduced Pine Belt to "full page advertising" in the Asbury Park Press. Gilford also put Pine Belt on the new media "Cable Television". Gilford was the first to register later in the early 1990's.

Gilford was the first to register domains for numerous dealers when the trend first began, and Gilford hosted the original sites for those domains.

That started an Avalanche that changed the nature of Auto Advertising forever.

Gilford has the benefit of being the First and foremost , and most imitated. in advertising automotive products.

In 1984 the Schmelz Family Group of Auto Stores came on board, who remain clients.

seum ran in the brand new New Jersey Monthly magazine.

Gilford Graphics represent the Pine Belt Automotive Group in Lakewood, NJ beginning in 1976 and held that role until 1984